Balanced Back and Body Therapy.

A specialty clinic focused on your spine and the muscles that move around it.


Our Treatment Goals

Our gentle therapy techniques are designed to obtain proper movement of joints and muscles thereby balancing the forces around them. This is obtained primarily with hands-on techniques, occasionally using traditional therapy modalities and through gentle, specific exercises. We will teach you to move better so you function better. You will understand what you can do to keep your joints and muscles healthy, long after therapy is done.

About Us.
  • Locally owned by practicing therapist
  • Over 20 years experience per clinician
  • Graduate from one of the top therapy schools in the nation
  • Specialists in spine, neck and Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
  • Expert in evaluating muscle imbalances and relative strenghts which can affect athletics and everyday function
Specialists in spine, neck and Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction.
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Indianapolis, IN 46240-1550
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